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The artist used metal type
here.  A great condensed
face with serifs.  The type
held the ink nicely and made
a wonderfully dark and deep
impression in the stock
eight by ten, all cotton paper
These wonderful words were spoken during a Treatment given by Dr. Moira Foxe after here Sunday
lecture.  Excellent reminder to us to Choose that which Advances us and stay Firm on our
Purpose.    Dr. Fox uses the word "intention".    " One must have a Clear idea of what quality they
desire to have fulfilled in them, and by their intent permit that quality to develop in them"
Dr. Moira Foxe truly believes and lives this truth.

Life is Good, Very Good
"this good is operating in my experience now"
Using Goudy Bold in metal type the artist grasps
the essence of this truth.  Pushing the type firmly
into the paper and making a strong statement
Very Good
Right Mindfulness if to be alert, focused and aware of what is going on within us, aware of the Spirit within.  
Is This Helpful?   Is the question that we ask ourselves in making sure we have a consciousness of
Right Mindfulness

We might ask questions such as:  
Are these words I am about to speak helpful?      Is this anger, guilt or frustration helpful?
Letterpressed in Red ink
with a Gold Lotus flower at
the bottom. All hand
composition of the Type.
$7.50  US
This is part of our CNVC series of Posters. Asking the Question What does SELF CARE
look like for each of us. Understanding the answer to this question allows us to understand
our needs and work in our world to get our needs as well as the needs of others met
simultaneously using compassionate and effective communication in an atmosphere of
peace and joy.

The top and bottom lines we set by hand then line cast in metal and hand fit together.
The words "SELF CARE" is wood type we have that dates back to the 1920's. It was
owned by two printing companies here in town prior to us. Some of the letters were so
distressed that at some point someone tried wood putty to fill the nicks and holes so it
could continue to be used. We use it with care, because it is getting so old and dried
out. In the additional pictures you can see how beautifully the type bites into the 100%
cotton paper.
$19.oo  US
All hand composition of the Type. The body copy was hand cast in
metal, then the form is made up and locked up in our 1926 letterpress
for printing. The border is made of individual matrices about a half
inch long that are assembled by hand into a stick then cast in metal.

Looking at the photos you can see the border created a beautiful
plushpilloy (c) texture. We do letterpress using authentic equipment
and tool, please see our profile for more information about us.
Quotation is from Rudolf Steiner
$7.50  US
Works that Satisfy the readers soul !
$19.oo  US
$19.oo  US