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We use authentic Period, Equipment form a bygone era to create an
Elegant Retro Feel, Look and Words form the days when our
Country and Economies Boomed, Success and Achievement were the
Norm.   All brought together in a Retro Poster designed to ignite our
souls to greatness once again!

Because of the unevenness within the type, form and hand feeding
each sheet of stock, absolute precision is only a goal.  The overall
ambiance of the letterpress page is its own unique character.   The
density of the ink is rich and velvety.

We believe you will enjoy our products and will see the time and
effort of the artist in each sheet of stock.

Prosperity and Abundance
Grater Wealth and Abundance         Financial Success
Money Affirmations

Love and Relationships
Love Affirmations

Deeper Spirituality - and - Self Realization
Spiritual Awakening   Personal Growth
Spiritual Affirmations

Well Being - Health and Wellness
Health of Body - Mind - Soul
Emotional Wellness, Happiness, Self Help
Healing Affirmations

Welcome to a wealth of great Metaphysical, Spiritual and Religious Writers
Meaningful Positive Affirmations

Motivational Quotes, Positive Quotes, Famous Quotes, Inspiring Quotes

Designed to help remind us of our Goals and Needs
To assist us in keeping on the path of
Your Spiritual Journey, Self Improvement & Spiritual Growth
Copyright 2012 -2013 by David Helbock
All rights reserved. No part of this web site may be reproduced,
stored in, or introduced into a retrieval system, or transmitted in
any form, or by any means without the prior written permission
of David Helbock
Positive Affirmations
This section has been divide up into several sections
as shown below please take a look at the categories and see if you find the right
positive affirmation for you

We are adding new Positive Affirmation and Motivational Posters all the time so please check in
We hope these works will help start you toward your desired Goal, you can heal your life,or
Enlighten you on your
Spiritual Path

May this Journey bring you
Harmony, Peace of Mind and Health in Mind, Body and Soul
.....Ink is applied to the
face of the type and the
type is then pressed into
each sheet of paper
leaving an impression
in the paper that has a
plush pillowly look.

Each sheet of paper is
individually hand
printed by the artist.  
Every Sheet is crafted
with the utmost care in
the time honored
tradition of letterpress
printing on antique
We have included some
notes next to each
poster to discuss some of
the interesting things
the artist used to make
each poster Letterpress.

Letterpress printing is
accomplished by means
of type or images of
uniform height,
assembled into groups,
and locked up in a steel
frame, or chase, for the
printing press.  The
type or images are in
reverse and the printing
surface standout in
relief above the type
body or wood block.......
Each poster is individually hand made and printed using the
Letterpress printing method
Positive Affirmations

What is an Affirmation?

Affirmation - To affirm anything is to state that it is so, and to maintain this as being true in the face of all
evidence to the contrary.  Human thought can only affirm, for even at the moment of denial, it is affirming
the presence of that which it denies!  Repeating and affirmation is leading the mind to that state of
consciousness where it accepts that which it wishes to believe.
(p 575 The Science of Mind, by Ernest Holmes 1957 Dood, Mead and Co. NY)

Definition of Affirmation:

Affirmation: The act of affirming or asserting as true: opposed to negation or denial.  That which is
asserted: position declared as true; averment.  Positive; dogmatic.
Affirmatively:  In an affirmative manner;
positively; on the affirmative side as apposed to the negative.
(Webster's 20th Century dictionary, 1938, Publishers Guild, inc. NY,NY)

What are Affirmations:

Affirmation in mental treatment:  Affirming the Divine as the only Presence. That is, affirming the presence
of what ever ought to be.

Affirmation of truth:  Any statement which affirms the supremacy of good or which denies the reality of that
which is contrary to good.
(New Thought Terms and Their Meanings, Dictionary by Ernest Holmes, Dodd, Mead & Co. NY 1942)
Positive Affirmations
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