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Positive Mental Attitude

to help sooth and direct the

Mind  -  Body  -   Soul
PMA = Positive Mental Attitude, Thinking Positive, Live Positive,
Self Help, Success Posters Spiritual Affirmations
PMA = Positive Mental Attitude

This poster was inspired by my readings about
William Clement Stone. These words were again
spoken by him at his 100th birthday on
June 17,2002.    
The type setting below the ornament states
"Whatever the Mind Can Conceive and Believe, the
Mind Can Achieve with PMA"
Copyright 2012 -2013 by David Helbock
All rights reserved. No part of this web site may be reproduced,
stored in, or introduced into a retrieval system, or transmitted in
any form, or by any means without the prior written permission
of David Helbock
I was attending a lecture by Dr. Frank Richelieu.  During his lecture he
posed for a moment and looked out at the audience and said firmly..
If you what something .. Go After it.
He is a testimate to this saying.  He started his minister using a phone
booth for his office and today... stands a magnificent center in
Redondo Beach California
Shown here a close up
of the Letterpress work
and how it puts a bite
into the cotton paper.
This Great Truth
Dr. Moira Foxe

Both 5 x 8 on cotton paper
$19.oo  US
$19.oo  US
$7.50  US
$7.50  US
Letterpressed copy in black ink, then the red
border was run and finally the gold rule. All
hand composition of the Type and borders.
Using antique metal type. Some type cast in
our own shop.  This unique item required 4
hand pressings of the paper.
Letterpressed in Black ink with a Green rule. All
hand composition of the Type.
Using antique wood and metal type.
The type was entirely set by hand. The "N" in the word Now, is metal
type and is cast and then hand sawed and filed to snug up to the ow
and is an individual piece. In the pictures you can see how
beautifully the type bites into the 100% cotton paper.
This quotation is from Mitt Romney's 2012 NRC Acceptance speech.
$7.50  US
Gold foil stamped. All hand composition of the Type.
Using metal type cast in our own shop.

Quotation form William Clement Stone
1902 - 2002
$19.oo  US
Definition of Positive:    That which is definite, affirmative, constructive, certain, direct, outgoing.

Definition of Positive Thinking:   Thinking without reference to opposites.

(New Thought Terms and Their Meanings, Dictionary by Ernest Holmes, Dodd, Mead & Co. NY 1942)
How to be Positive  :

This is an excerpt from W. Clement Stone's book The Success System That Never
Fails 1962, by Prentice-Hall, NJ.  We felt this addressed the question How to be

"How can I get my subconscious mind to work for me?"   And he had been told about
setting goals, inspirational dissatisfaction, sef-motivators, and the self-starter Do it
Now!  He also learned that he must choose a specific immediate goal and START
toward it.  Ans he learned these things too:

1. You affect your subconscious mind by verbal repetition.  The subconscious mind is
particularly affected by self=suggestions given under an emotional strain, or given
with emotion.

2. The greatest power man possesses is the power of Prayer.

He listened.  He took time for reflection. He related and assimilated the principles. He
prayed sincerely, reverently, and humbly for divine guidance.  He believed he would
receive it, and because he believed, he did receive it.  And when he did, he didn't
forget to give a sincere prayer of thanks.

.... Memorize Napoleon Hill's famous self-motivator:  What the mind can conceive and
believe, the mind can achieve.