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to help sooth and direct the

Mind  -  Body  -   Soul
How Can I Make Your Life More Wonderful?

Marshall B. Rosenberg, PhD has developed a
compassionate and effective communication system called
NVC. It is based on historical principles of our natural state
of compassion and how good it feels to authentically
connect to another human being.

To learn about NVC a compassionate and effective
communication system and how to get your needs and
those of others met in an atmosphere of peace and joy,
please visit
I Believe in You
This Poster is a great mix of Letterpress Type
"I"  is metal type that is over one inch high and
must be a hundred years old
The letters
B and Y  are Wood Type
the balance is metal type
eight by ten poster, on cotton paper
Wow,  I was given these words in a card.  
What a great feeling.
Perhaps this poster is something you
would give to another or put on your mirror.
This is all metal type.  
The face is Bold and
stands up against the
cotton fiber leaving a
strong full impression.
Copyright 2012 -2013 by David Helbock
All rights reserved. No part of this web site may be reproduced,
stored in, or introduced into a retrieval system, or transmitted in
any form, or by any means without the prior written permission
of David Helbock
$19.oo  US
$19.oo  US
$19.oo  US
$19.oo  US

The type was set by hand.  The "I"  and "YOU"  are metal type
and is cast in our shop form vintage letterpress matrices  they
are then gold foil stamped.  The heart is a traditional letterpress
cut that was etched and wood mounted. The paper took the ink
very well for such a large image, and required the heart be
overprinted two and some times three times to get the great
depth of coverage that was achieved.
I See You....I Honour You....I Respect You.....I Love You

Setting by Hand Garmond Bold Italic with Swash Character and casting the type in
metal the artist grasps the essence of this wonderful heart felt emotion of love.
This is part of a great spiritual exercise done by the Science of Mind Church
(Redondo Beach, CA) at there yearly Lake Arrowhead retreat. I found it so
meaningful I wanted to create this poster so others could experience the power of
Loving this intensely.
For more information on this powerful retreat please see:

Each sheet of paper is individually hand printed on antique letterpress equipment
using original letterpress methods of type, forms, ink and press.
Works that Satisfy the readers soul !
Love Definition  :

Love - Love is the self-givingness of the Spirit through the desire of Life to express Itself in terms of creation.  Emerson tells us that Love is a synonym for God.  We
are also told in the New Testament that "he that loveth not, knoweth not God; for God is love."  Love is free from condemnation, even as it is free from fear.  Love is a
cosmic force whose sweep is irresistible.
(p 608 The Science of Mind, by Ernest Holmes 1957 Dood, Mead and Co. NY)

Dr. Rosenburg's Thoughts on Love :

It may help you to understand that Nonviolent Communication grew from my attempts to understand the concept of love and how to manifest it, how to do it.  I had
come to the conclusion that love is not just something we feel, but something we manifest, something we do , something we have.  And love is something we give.  We
give of ourselves in particular ways.  It's a gift when you reveal yourself nakedly and honestly, at any given moment, for no other purpose than to reveal what's alive in
you.  Not to blame, criticize, or punish - just "Here I am, and here is what I would like.  This is my vulnerability at this moment."  To me, that giving is a manifestation
of love.

Another way we give of ourselves is through how we receive another person's message.  It's a gift to receive it empathetically, connecting with what's alive in that person,
making no judgement.  It's a gift when we try to hear what is alive in the other person and what that person would like.  So NVC is just a manifestation of what I
understand love to be.  In that way, it's similar to the Judeo-Christian concepts of "Love your neighbor as yourself" and "Judge not lest you be judged."

It's amazing what happens when we connect with people in this way.  This beauty, this power connects us with an energy that I choose to call Beloved Divine Energy -
one of the many names for God.  So NVC helps me stay connected with that beautiful Divine Energy within myself and to connect with it in others.  It's the closest thing
to "love"  I've ever experienced.
(p 60 - 61, Living Nonviolent Communication, Marshall Rosenberg, PhD, 2012 Sounds True, Inc. Boulder, CO 80306)

Bill Stierle  -  (need help in you relationships? Contact Bill for some truly amazing and powerful results - this is a personal link not sponsored)

Definition of  Love :  The willingness to meet another person's needs at the same time meeting you own.