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Dr. Moira Foxe is the dynamic Pastor of the Redondo Beach Center for Spiritual Living and a woman whose message
is a no-nonsense, positive approach to living and spirituality.  She espouses the belief that we are all divinely
entitled to happiness, love and abundance and explains how God works through us to achieve these things and so
much more.  She inspires people to look beyond their personal challenges and teaches them how to bring about
positive changes in their lives and in the world.  Her own life celebrates this teaching and exemplifies a profound
understanding of how it works.  

Dr. Moira was born in Dublin, Ireland and at a very young age became intrigued with this thing called Life.  Her
educational journey took her to London where she did graduate and post-graduate work.  Her varied interests led to
studies in Education, Philosophy, Religion and Clinical Theology.  She has taught psychology and religious studies in
Ireland, England and the United States. Her around the world voyage and ever-expanding areas of interest have
evolved into her present counseling and ministerial careers.    

She has a distinguished lifetime record of service to others and works tirelessly and joyously to empower her
congregation to live up to their potential and make a difference in the world.   Her personal philosophy embraces
using the human spirit to achieve a state of well being, peace and unity for all people.  

She is a scholar of world religions and a much sought-after speaker in the religious community. Dr. Moira is a
modern day visionary with an invincible spirit and enthusiasm for life.
Dr. Moira Foxe
        Abundance, New Beginnings, Healing, Omnipresence, Joy
               Infinite Possibility, The Light, Comfort, I Am Ready

Individual Treatment Prayer Cards by Dr. Moira Foxe.  Each written to be kept, hung in a
frequented place, as a bookmark in your Spiritual text book, Bible or other book.  Read, Visualize
and Know the truth, use the card often and it will help you change your outlook on life.

The cards are printed in the U.S.A. on 100% Cotton Paper
Type is handset using vintage wood and metal type
Each sheet is individually hand printed, in the time
honored tradition of Letterpress printing on Antique Presses
Prayer Treatment Cards
We have found Dr. Foxe's message
inspirational and life enhancing

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Prayer Treatment Cards

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