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GOD IS ALL THERE IS.  I choose to be ever aware that I am
accompanied at all times by the Creator and Sustainer of the
Universe and beyond.  It comforts me to know that in all
situations, every circumstance, i can call upon my Companion
and be lifted up our of difficulty and shown the way into healing
and peace of mind.

God in the midst of me is whole life.  I am in the whole life of
Spirit.  When I truly recognize this and identify with this truth, I
too am whole - the whole life of Spirit.  As i was in the beginning
- whole, perfect and complete -- I can be now and evermore.  All
good is mine by right of consciousness. I choose to be
conscious of my Divine inheritance!

Gratitude floods through my consciousness every time I
remember who I am and in whose Presence I eternally abide.  
In faith and joy, praising and blessing.  I release this word into
Law.   And so it is!
I LIVE, MOVE and have my being in the oneness of Spirit.  
Knowing that I am one with God, I trust the creative process of
Spirit's life within me and within all of my affairs.  Open and
trusting, I allow the abundant life of Spirit to think, feel and act
through me.  I say YES to my good and I allow it to come
through me into demonstration.

All that I need to thrive I have been given.  I am ready now to
let that good flow through me.  My intention is set and I support
my intention mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

In this moment, now, I am ready to receive good and I am
ready to give of my goodness.  Spirit lifts me to higher ground
in consciousness.  I am committed to living from my life's
highest point of view.  I feel a deep stirring - the life of Spirit
within me.  I know something wonderful is happening on this
plane and it is happening by means of me.  I release and I let
go of this joyous awareness into Law and I declare it to be so   
And so it is!
THE LIGHT of Life moves through me as the low of my
being.  The Light of Truth fills me.  I am eternally in It.  Spirit
as Light keeps me on my path of purpose.  Spirit as Light
sustains my intention to Self Realize.  Spirit as Light radiates
through me and shines upon all within my radius.

I am safe.  I am secure.  The Light of my Life leads me into
all good.  Strong in faith and unafraid, I proceed with
confidence.  I never falter knowing the power of the Light that
fills me, directs me and inspires me.  My faith is life and Its
Truth is absolute.  Spirit's Light commands my soul and all
that I am;  my soul is responsive to Spirit's Light and to It

In the Light I rejoice.  In deep gratitude I release this word of
Truth into the Law ans I declare it to be so.  And so it is!
THERE is one Mind, one Power and one Life; that life is my
life now.  In the awareness of oneness I am open and
receptive to Its Presence.  Divine mind in me glows.  Divine
mind in me knows.  Divine Mind in me shows me the way.  
I know I am more than I think I am, I am more that I appear
to be.  This is the truth regardless of how I feel or what I

In this state of at-one-ment, I relax into Truth and I am free
simply to enjoy the Presence.  In the conscious awareness
of Spirit, all that is good fills me, and within this fullness, all
lack disappears.  Coming into the awareness of the whole
life of Presence, all my needs and desires are met, and I
become that which rejoices.  Saluting Presence in, through
and as me, I let go of attachment to everything except the
Truth.  I am free now to live form the fullness of Spirit's
Presence and dance out my days singing the praises of
THAT which enfolds me.  Faith filled, joyously, thankfully, I
release my word into Law.  And so it is!
I  am