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KNOWING that divine Presence is all there is and that I am in
It, I am filled with a sense of enthusiasm and possibility.  Since
in god all things are possible and since I deeply believe this is
so, I am ready now to be freed from all that ails me.

God by means of me is embracing the truth: the truth that sets
me free to be all I can be in mind, body and soul.  I am open
now to whatever i think needs to be healed in my life so that I
can move forward.  Poised now and ready for my good in all
aspects of my life, I unleash the holy Spirit - the Law, and
direct its energy toward my good.  Nothing can get in the way
of my intention.  It is set in Law!  Knowing I am in divine
Presence and that It fills me, i feel deeply thankful.  For where
Divine Presence is that is all there is.  Every good thing is
mine now, because right where I am God is and where God is
all is well!

I release this word of truth into Law knowing it is already so!   
And so it is!

Healing used as a noun can be defined as the act or process by which a cure is effected.   Used as an adjective one might
healing influence.  A healing influence such as a prayer or spiritual mind treatment.

Healing --  Mental healing means Mind healing. To heal means to make whole. We seek to heal men's mentalities, knowing
that to the degree in which we are successful, we shall also be healing their bodies. Belief in duality has mad man sick and
the understanding of Unity will heal him.  God stands to us for the One Life in which we all live.  Mental treatment is a
direct statement in mind of what we wish to have done and a realization that it is done. Healing is the result of clear thinking
and logical reasoning, which presents itself to consciousness and is acted upon by it. Realize unto the thing unto which it is
spoken.  The whole idea of healing, when understood, is the substitution of Truth for sense-testimony. This restores man to
a condition of wholeness.
(p 597 The Science of Mind, by Ernest Holmes 1957 Dood, Mead and Co. NY

Healing a Sick Business --  Mentally coming to see, and stating,that there is a divine Activity in and through the business and
the thought of everyone who conducts it.
(New Thought Terms and Their Meanings, Dictionary by Ernest Holmes, Dodd, Mead & Co. NY 1942)