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GOD is Life, Light, Love, Peace and Joy.  Since I am of God's
nature, I am all of these radiant energies too.  Regardless of how
I am feeling, the joy of Life fills me.  It lives at the center of my
being.  I can call it into my experience at anytime.  I need only get
conscious and speak Joy's word and Immediately It responds to

I set my intention now to unleash God's joy and become It's
channel to the world - When I remember my Source, joy fills me.
When I count my blessings, joy fills me.  When I honor who I am,
joy fills me.  Right now I am radiating prue joy!  God is all that is
happening in, through and by means of me. Rejoicing, I praise,
bless, magnify and glorify all God's creation.

Thankfulness fills me.  Faith saturates me.  And Life absorbs
me.  I am as it is" WHOLE JOY.  Commanding now the Law, I
release this prayer of truth into It and declare my word to be so.  
And so it is!
LIFE IS A whole experience because life is filled with God.  
Since God is all there is and I am one with God, my life is a
whole experience too, I now move into conscious awareness of
my oneness in Spirit and I call upon Spirit to move me into the
connected state of unity and harmony in my world.  All things are
possible in God.  I now choose to believe what I tell myself:  "I
am the whole life of Spirit expressing now. Spirit's whole life is
expressing in me."

With full and complete trust in the Creative Process of Life, I
know my life in all its aspects is renewed and made whole.  I am
filled with confidence as I proceed into the new and glorious
adventure, called my new life.  I think new thoughts, do things in
a new way and receive new and wondrous results.  I am grateful
for this time of renewal and a fresh start.  Life totally supports my
new and advancing ways.  There is nothing that can get in the
way of my newness in mind.  Every person, place and thing in
my life supports it.  In gratitude and thanksgiving I release this
truth into Law.  Ans so it is!
GOD'S omnipresence envelopes me.  It fills me with the
awareness of infinite possibility.  I am poised on the threshold of
major advancement.  God's presence moves me through the
door of my beckoning good.  I am ready now to advance.  Life's
fuller expression awaits me.  My intention is set.  I am on
purpose.  Liberty and freedom are mine for the recognition and
the acceptance.

God by means of me is on the move.  That movement is my
burning desire to Self-Realize!  I step out of the bonds that have
bound me.  I go forward with enthusiasm and faith-filled
confidence.  I trust the Creative Process as it moves through my
life.  I am in good hands.  That which created me nurtures and
sustains me.  I am one with the endless supply of divine

Faith-filled I release and let go of every thought and feeling
unsupportive of the Truth that sets me free:  Right where I am
God is and where God is all is well.  Into the Law I declare my
word with joy and thanksgiving.   And so it is!