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Needs Based prayer Treatment Cards
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This is your gateway to Needs Based Prayer,
Treatment Cards for Self Improvement,
Personal Growth, Healing and Self help.  

We have a wide range of Needs Based Prayer,
Treatment, Affirmation Cards  designed to help
you improve Love
Relationships, Spiritual
Healing, Prosperity Abundance Wealth and
Spiritual Growth in your life, as it has ours.  

elow are some wood buttons to direct you to
the Prayer
 Treatment Cards.

These Treatment cards help us focus on our
needs and treat ourself for the demonstration
and good we desire.

Please enjoy looking around our site and if you
have any questions please ask.  Just go to the
contact page and drop us a note.
Works that Satisfy the Readers Soul !
Jesus Taught:  "So I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer,
believe that you have received it, and it will be yours"  
(Mark 11:24)

If, for example, one were to pray traditionally, one might say:  "please God, help me find a job."  By
contrast, and affirmative prayer, as Jesus taught, might be:  "I am now guided by God, The Living
Spirit within me, to my right and perfect employment."  

Rosemary Ellen Guiley, author of
Prayer Works, states that affirmative prayer "sets into motion the
forces that enable us to manifest what we pray for."  She adds, "Prayer is ineffective when it is
accompanied or followed by negative thinking.... We have to put power nd intensity into our thought,
change our thought, and believe in the guidance we are receiving.  If we spend energy on negative
beliefs and feelings, we will get negative results, even if we and others pray daily for us.  For example,
if you pray for a job and then complain to others that you have no job or can't find one, you are
undermining your prayer."
 (paraphrased form Unity)

Below you will find six wood buttons that will direct you based on need to the
Prayer Treatment Cards

Click on the white lettering below
Prayer Treatment Cards

beautifyly illistrated
printed by hand
Using the time honoured tradition

l e t t e r p r e s s
We use Metal and  Wood Type and Hot Metal line casting.  The metal Type and
line casting is done in house on machines ranging in age from 70 to 100+ years
old.    Type is a rectangular solid or prism of metal, wood, or other hard material
having a raised letter, figure, punctuation-mark, or other character on the upper
end, which, when inked, is used to make impressions on the paper.

The Antique Monograms used at the beginning of each Prayer Treatment Card are
made from antique bass matrices.  Each letter is individually hand cast then hand
fitted into the form. A separate press run is done to allow for printing the
Antique Monogram in color.

The body copy of these Prayer Treatment cards are set using a line casting
machine.  Each line is set one letter at a time till a sentence is created.  It is then
had spaced to create a form that is flush left and right.  The line of matrices is then
place in a machine where the line is cast in metal.  The artist then returns ever
letter back to the wood case and starts the next line.

Taking the Antique Monograms and the Line castings we then assemble the form.  
Proof the form and get it ready to lock up in the press.

Each sheet of the Prayer Treatment Cards are pressed three times.  First to add  
the credit information on the back and twice on the front , once for the Antique
monogram and once for the body copy.

We use 100% cotton paper for an elegant look and feel.  The hope is, that each
piece of work will be treasured by the owner, used to open there consciousness
and allow the positive powers within them to emerge.   Further to allow the divine
to flow threw them and express through them thus bring  the demonstration of
everything they desire into manifestation.
Study Materials
for Your
Spiritual Studies
Set into motion, through the power of  Prayer
Treatment, the Law that allows us to
demonstrate the desires we pray for