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With every disadvantage
there is a
Greater Advantage
for those that have
Positive Mental Attitude
               How to be Positive
      There is a Greater Advantage

Learning how to be positive can be fun, easy and make life exciting.

Train yourself to be positive.  Leave negative thoughts behind.  Check out these Self Motivator Kits,
they are designed to help train your mind to be more positive and you to become Positively
Positive.  All achievement starts within the mind of the individual.  Do you Believe that you can flip
every disadvantage to an advantage?  It can be done with a Positive Mental Attitude.  Use the
obstacles in your life as stepping stones and walk into greater success.  Focus with a PMA on the
good you desire and demonstrate that good in your life.  

My daughter was born multi-handicapped, and required many extensive surgeries at an early age.  
Many would consider this a disadvantage.  I tell you it became my greatest advantage.  First, I
learned what love is from her.  She is pure love, no agendas, nothing but pure love.   Next,  I
employed all I know and believe about the Laws of life, PMA, Positive thinking, Science of Mind to
create a great life for her and understand for myself the events that were occurring in my life.  I can
tell you THEY WORK, Spirit Works.  

We built several classrooms and created a wonderful environment for special needs children.  We
were able to do these extensive projects despite starting out with NO funs (aka no money), negative
nay sayers, extensive regulations and piles of Rules.  I can tell you from experience when your
mind is in the right place your world will be in the right place and life is wonderful.

There are seeds of success in every disadvantage or adversity, cultivate the Success for yourself.  
This quote is from W Clement Stone, it has proven true and invaluable in my life.  ‘With every
disadvantage there is a Greater Advantage for those that have a Positive Mental Attitude.’

In helping you redirect your thoughts we have produces several Motivational Kits offered here.  The
Self-Motivator Package,  ‘With every disadvantage there is a Greater Advantage’ for those that have a
Positive Mental Attitude, is a great starter Self-Motivator Package.  The Self-Motivator Package
comes with an 8 x 10 suitable for framing, the 5 x 8 for on your desk or in the kitchen, a mirror
card for on your bathroom mirror and the small card to use in your car or wallet.

There are also, other suggested Self-Motivator Package below designed to help you move ahead
toward your success and to help remind you to be on track and use every one of your 70,000
thoughts today to make your tomorrows everything you ever dreamed.

We hope you will find them all very helpful.
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Positive mental
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Success is Achieved
Maintained by
those who
Keep trying
with a
Positive Mental Attitude