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Grasp the Nettle Making Biodynamic Farming and Gardening Work


Peter Proctor

           The Expert Guide to Biodynamic Farming and Gardening

In this revised and updated edition of Grasp the Nettle Peter Proctor tells the reader how to apply biodynamic methods
of farming and gardening to a wide range of conditions in New Zealand and in other countries. The book provides
practical observations and techniques, and relates these to the spiritual scientific knowlege upon which that biodynamic
practice is based.

Peter gives tips on how to recognise healthy soil and pasture, and on how to make your own biodynamic preparations.
He also gives examples of farms that are successfully using biodynamic methods. This book aims to assist biodynamic
farmers and gardeners to observe the processes of life and growth, and to understand how these processes are
governed by cosmic forces, so they can use this knowlege in applying their practical skills.

Peter Proctor, past national field advisor for the NZ Bio Dynamic Farming and Gardening Association, now teaches and
advises farmers on biodynamic methods around the world.

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$38.59  US
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