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Printed Works that bring our readers better living experiences through

Healing and Nurturing the Body,
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There is a difference.  It puts a bite
into the paper creating a three
dimensional, plush pillowly texture
(r) with rich color and quality no
other printing process can equal.  It
is Crisp, tangible you can feel and
see the  results.
Typography is an art form,  
employed here to stand out and
speak.  It speaks a clean, crisp,
readable, comfortable elegance.
Letterpress is tactile and simply
exquisite, it has a rich, warm feel
that is enhanced by the tactile
qualities of the paper.
We have both Monotype and
Ludlow type casters.  This allows us
to work from new foundry type for
each job.  We type set our books
using hot metal typography.

We have matrices for over 1000
fonts of type representing the
many years of quality foundry
work and letterpress printing this
shop has produced
Our oldest press is from 1926.  We
like the control Letterpress Printing
allows us and the end result is to
produce a job artfully done.
We are fine Commercial Book Publishers and Printers
Our clients call upon us to preform graphic design, typography and
press work that is characteristic of the letterpress milieu
Contact us today so we may assist in your next project
If you would like to cary our line in your book store or retail outlet
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